Welcome To The Jordan Montgomery Group

Founded by Jordan Montgomery the JM Group started as a holding company for projects owned and maintained by Jordan. As time moved forward more projects both website creation and maintaining social media came on board, and it was time to turn the JM Group into more than a holding company.  As of August 2020 the JM Group became the main pillar of the business, with the resources to take on new business for any industry.

The most popular industry to this point for ourselves has been Motorsport. This is an industry with Jordan is involved with and has been picking up work from, but this doesn’t stop us branching out, with other sites in Arts & Crafts, Fishing and Weather.

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Website Creation

The websites are created with a well-known open source creation platform called WordPress. This allows all manner of tools be it blogs or forums, to running a fully fledged online store. There is always an answer to ensure your site works flawless with no hassle.

Website Creation & 1 Year Hosting Starts at £99.95. Contact us to get a price to suit your requirements and budget.

Social Media Management

We have the resources to bring your idea's to live with static or animated social media posts. These resources can provide the best resolutions and sizing for the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Do you have limited or no time to dive into the realm of social media, to promote your product, service or business. Let us take the role over for you! By contacting us a plan can be created to put your mind at ease.

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About us

Founded By Jordan Montgomery, JM Groups is a holding company for projects owned and maintained by Jordan.

Our mission

To provide a reliable and fair priced service, to enable businesses to promote their content, and reach audiences not being reached.

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